Successfully Dealing With Conflict

Interactive workshop

What is it?

Facing situations of conflict or disagreement at work, whether with fellow colleagues or peers, or with clients, can often cause you stress, discomfort and disruption in your life. Instead of avoiding, ignoring or escalating these situations, this practical 1-day workshop is designed to give you choice, regain control, and reduce any conflict related anxiety you may have previously experienced when interacting with others in challenging situations. As the workshop progresses, delegates get the opportunity to understand the causes of conflict, share best practice, meet several different ‘conflict’ characters, and learn how to use specific conflict resolution techniques to overcome potentially challenging situations. This safe environment workshop is also supported with real and work-based scenarios.

When to use it?

Successfully Dealing With ConflictFrom time to time conflict is inevitable. The downside of such interactions can often have a detrimental effect on performance at work, not to mention impact negatively on your personal relationships. This workshop however, offers strategies and tactics that can be used easily to manage those potentially conflicting situations and

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can be used when interacting with others at work, or play.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to;

  • Identify triggers in yourself and others that help and hinder conflict resolution
  • Describe the conflict communication process
  • Identify your current preferred style of conflict management, and how to utilise beneficial styles of choice according to the situation
  • Proactively prepare (physically and mentally) for a successful conflict diffusing interaction
  • Identify the other person’s need / positive intent when interacting with others
  • Use conflict resolution techniques to successfully deflect criticism, and assert your needs

  • Recognise 9 different ‘conflict characters’ and what approach to take to help diffuse potentially conflicting situations

Who is it for?

Successfully dealing with conflict is perfect for: individuals who want to boost their confidence when interacting with others; customer facing personalities who deal with enquiries from members of the public on a regular basis; and team managers/supervisors.

How do you use it?

Successfully dealing with conflict is offered on a 1-day workshop, or individual coaching basis.

To suit your convenience, all of our workshops are offered on an open or in-house basis.

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