Drive more Profit from Existing Sales

Drive more Profit from Existing SalesThe challenge, in these times of continued uncertainty, is to keep as close to customers as possible, and to focus attention of their needs, and ensuring that our organisations are positioned to meet these better than any other supplier.

Retention and development of current customers is arguably more cost-effective than the continuous pursuit of new business, and this course will help you;

Understand where you are currently

  • What makes you, and your organisation different from your customers perspective?
  • Why are your customers buying from you?
  • Who are your competitors, and how are you perceived in comparison?
  • How much share of your customers print spend are you attracting?
  • How do you currently manage relationships and how effectively?

Approach business development from a customer perspective

  • What ‘job’ does your product do for your customers?
  • What are the key decision making processes that your customer needs to consider?
  • Who else aside from your contact, influences the buying of your products?
  • How does print sit within the marketing/communications mix? What else are customers having to commit financial and time resource to?
  • Is it all about price? When would price be a less important factor?
  • What is ‘useful’ to your customers?

Re-position yourself and your company with your existing customers

  • Segment your market based on needs and wants of customers that your business can deliver better than any other competitor
  • Understand the much-thrown-about concept of ‘adding value’
  • What customers demand, what they expect, and what would delight.
  • Transforming features of your company into benefits that customers buy

Customer relationship management

  • Frequency, reason and nature of contact
  • Creating barriers to customers switching from you to another supplier
  • Long term partnerships versus short-term transactional interaction
  • Touch points throughout your organisation, and influencing them to support customer development strategies
  • Customers as advocates
  • Strategies for coping when things don’t go to plan….

Transfer learning to workplace

  • Development of actions and critical success factors
  • Communication beyond sales

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