Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring“Coaching is a collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee”

Whilst this accurate definition was focused on ‘Life Coaching’, it is equally relevant for many other forms of coaching. The main differences are the person or persons who are being coached and the type of results that they are striving for.

Executive Coaching:

This will be specifically directed at ‘the decision-makers’ in an organisation. The organisation may be a global player already or an SME looking forwards to a period of growth. Building improvement into executive performance can lead to superior results and growth both for the organisation and the individual.

As a professionally trained and experienced coach we will act as a sounding board for their ideas and an impartial and unbiased mirror for their actions. We will identify professional goals and personal challenges whilst creating a strategy to develop critical skills and remove the barriers that will allow the goals and objectives to be achieved.

Corporate/Business Coaching:

A corporate coach is more likely to working with teams and/or individuals in an organisation who are on a particular development path towards achieving improved business performance, operational efficiency and personal growth. The client may be a small business or a professional trying to transform a creative idea into an income generating opportunity.

As your coach we will ‘partner’ you through the various stages of the business development process, from planning to marketing to selling your product or service. We will be focused on supporting the client’s employees, either as individuals or in team situations, towards their defined objectives.

Personal/Life Coaching:

As your personal/life coach we will focus on self discovery, growth and taking action. We will be working with individuals who have identified an area or areas that they want to change or improve. Sessions will be one-on-one interactions between the coach and client, at regular intervals to ensure that the momentum is achieved.

Clients who have made the commitment to invest in their personal growth typically experience significant impact in all areas of their life. Working with our professional coaches, the clients will benefit from a wide variety of tools, techniques, resources and experience to assist them in their quest for greater fulfillment and enhancement in their lives.

Career Coaching:

Very similar to personal/life coaching in that you are focusing on the individual needs, through one-on-one sessions. The difference here is to focus on a particular aspect of life where our niche is to look at career progression. We will focus on identifying the clients particular skill set and how that aligns with their career choices.

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