Assertiveness Skills

Interactive workshop

What is it?

Communicating with others, and inevitably awkward situations, are part and parcel of our lives. However, we often crave ways to regain control, and feel good about interacting with people – even in those challenging situations. This interactive 1-day workshop will enable you to express ideas clearly, present information with conviction, and help you feel more in control.

When to use it?

Assertiveness SkillsBy empowering you with the choice of communication options, this Assertiveness Skills 1-day workshop is designed to improve personal effectiveness inside and outside the workplace; boost your confidence; reduce potential anxiety you may have around asserivness; enable you to communicate effectively with others; and help you build productive relationships. Providing several Assertiveness Skills tips and techniques throughout the day, you are encouraged to share best practice, and try out new skills practice role play with real and non-work related situations.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify differences between assertiveness, passive, and aggressive behaviours
  • Use assertive techniques to positively express your wants and needs by setting ‘No’ boundaries, and deflecting criticism
  • Describe how to assertively give and receive feedback
  • Identify and choose between the 6 types of assertion to positively express your wants and needs

Who is it for?

Assertiveness Skills workshop benefits those would like to: boost personal confidence when interacting with others; enhance business and personal communication; effectively influence others; and engage in productive relationships. The workshop is perfect for individuals, managers or team members.

How do you use it?

Assertiveness Skills is offered on a 1-day workshop, or individual coaching basis.

To suit your convenience, all of our workshops are offered on an open or in-house basis.

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