Technology Reviews

Technology ReviewsTechnology reviews in printing  plants

  • Does your print company need a thorough review?
  • Do you want to grow and develop your range of services and customers?
  • Or is your design and print unit under threat, in danger of being outsourced to an FM service? Do you need to make a business case for investment?

TPG Training and Consultancy a review is designed to thoroughly review and to help validate the effectiveness of an plant operation so that organisations know how to harness and leverage the potential of their plant and so are able to maximum its contribution and customer satisfaction levels.

The review is designed specifically to suit your particular needs. However, the work of our plant print experts in reviewing your design and print unit may include some or all of the following.

Creating a clear and convincing business review that benchmarks performance and capability against other external options,  print operations can be under continuous threats.

Decisions are based on the assumption of inefficiencies within the existing system, a strategic review of an plant operation can help maximise productivity and deliver positive cost and service benefits to your organisation as well as providing a framework for performance measurement and structured change in a competitive context.

What is involved?

  • Assessing production workflow;
  • Analysing job specification history;
  • Discussing and redefining departmental customer service and product needs;
  • Working with ICT specialists to achieve cost-efficient use of copying and local printing;
  • helping to align products and services with the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Providing a balanced and economic view of local versus centralised resources;
  • Creating detailed action plans for further progress;
  • Developing a business plan for investment.

Key Benefits

Our review can help:

  • Define what a print unit is really for and capable of
  • Evolve a strategy that is realisable and profitable
  • Provide Best Value service to the whole organisation
  • Identify significant cost-savings
  • Help to develop plans to expand existing services to meet future demands
  • Establish key performance indicators and measurement tools
  • Improve individual and team motivation and performance
  • Analyse and improve the organisation’s overall print buying process
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime
  • Provide marketing direction and sales support
  • Validate and increase print quality standards
  • Shape compelling investment plans

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