Noise Surveys

Noise SurveysMany of the processes and equipment in our industry can be noisy.

There is a history of many litigation claims for the loss of hearing, including work induced tinnitus being made against an employer and due to the lack of documented evidence of the noise levels that actually exist in your workplace.

The levels of noise in the workplace need to be measured and from those measurements your control measures can be put into place to ensure the safety of your staff and compliance with the regulations.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 reduced the first action level from 85dB(A) to 80dB(A) and the second action level from 90dB(A) to 85dB(A). The changes to the legislation also puts an action on the employer to conduct audiometry testing on an annual basis for employees who are regularly exposed to the mandatory levels. This testing must be conducted by an approved Occupational Health service provider.

The first action level of 80dB(A), is where the business must make hearing protection available, but employees / visitors and contractors would not be obliged to wear it.

The second action level of 85dB(A), is where the wearing of hearing protection becomes mandatory and the relevant signage displayed in the workplace.

The HSE and other enforcing agencies have issued improvement notices to companies who’s staff have contracted work induced tinnitus.

Our consultant will conduct a detailed noise survey with measurements being taken at various points of a process or machine that will assist in the assurance of your business being compliant with the requirements of the latest noise legislation.

From these measurements and the report produced for you, our consultant will be able to assist the business in reducing noise exposure by making recommendations for the use of acoustic enclosures and other engineering controls such as moving noisy compressors etc. out of the area.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the guise of hearing protection will be recommended and the type and range of protection will be dependent on the findings from the noise survey report.

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