Lean Manufacturing, 5C/5S, Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing 5C 5S Six SigmaOur practitioners are highly experienced with senior management backgrounds and a practical approach to business process improvement. We enable people to improve their own processes and hence significantly improve operational performance and profits. Projects range from one-off cost saving exercises lasting a few days through to transformation projects across all business areas, with ongoing support.

Sustainable and continuous improvements are best obtained from bespoke programs that include a combination of:


Objective basis for planning improvement projects, with or without further consultancy support. Includes analysis of available Key Performance Indicators, high-level process mapping showing the relationship between administrative processes and operations and practical advice. For SMEs an Operations Assessment takes 2 days and does not require significant time from managers and staff.


Links business objectives to operational performance improvement through appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), data collection and review processes with managers and employees, to drive customer service improvement, increase productivity, improve quality and so reduce costs.


Introduce Lean principles to managers and employees by enabling them to experience the principles and benefits of Lean through role-playing a simulated printing business. Lean principles such as KPIs, visual management, work-flow, line balancing etc. are introduced and the measured profit, delivery and productivity progressively improve and operations become smooth and harmonious.


Streamline administrative processes from customer inquiry to invoicing that will:

–         Increase staff productivity on routine tasks and release time for business development

–         Increase information accuracy and reduce administrative lead-times

–         Clarify staff roles & responsibilities

–         Specify MIS functions and information handling requirements for system upgrades.

Lean Manufacturing 5C 5S Six Sigma 2WORK PLACE ORGANISATION (5S/5C)

Hands-on training for employees in all office, store and workshop areas to implement visual management and enhance safety, employee participation, efficiency, visitor perception and increase space utilisation.


Builds on 5S/5C to develop effective and economic systems and procedures to minimise equipment down-time.


Material waste is often a significant but hidden cost that can be reduced with rapid and measurable improvement to profits.  Culturally, reducing material waste does not threaten anyone’s job, everyone feels good about it and the material waste reduction process is an excellent vehicle for improving inter-departmental communication.


Hands-on coaching and training for employees to significantly increase equipment utilisation, run speed and quality.  Productivity improvements significantly increase effective production capacity, avoid unnecessary capital spending, reduce space requirements and also reduce economic batch sizes to minimise work-in-progress, production lead times and increase responsiveness to customer demand.

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