ISO 14001 Environment Management Support

TPG Training and Consultancy  offers advisors who understand your business and the needs of the industry to conform to ever increasing environmental legislation. We will provide concise information and advice to crystallise your environmental policy, develop appropriate environmental objectives, and implement positive actions.

Why pursue ISO 14001

ISO 14001 Environment Management SupportEnvironmental management in the companies is becoming an essential component of any offering to the marketplace. A simple environmental policy statement with nothing real behind it is no longer sufficient to convince buyers. Certification to an international standard like ISO 14001 is the best option to show the market that you are serious and ahead of the game.

The environment issues for business’s are specific and challenging depending on you sector, Carbon footprinting,  and polymer based substrates, mineral oil or vegetable based inks, coatings and laminates, chemicals,  equipment disposal, the shift to electronic proofing; UV and gravure materials, packaging and distribution, and energy use are all increasingly being examined in order to reduce the adverse impact upon the environment.

Companies need to respond to this with a structured, intelligent and practical approach.

Realistic and affordable advice to 14001 is a good first step for any print company no matter what their current environmental status.

ISO 14001 key benefits

  • Will allow you to plainly demonstrate legal and regulatory conformity
  • Has the potential to reduce the cost of public liability insurance
  • Will help you to reduce costs in terms of your company’s overall consumption, waste and recycling management
  • Will help you to manage and monitor environmental risks
  • ISO standards are a requirement on tender lists for most local authorities, large corporations and many small to medium environmentally aware businesses
  • Implementing ISO 14001 will clearly show you where energy savings can be made and can potentially offer substantial savings each year on your energy bills
  • Differentiate you from your Competitors
  • Win new clients and retain business

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