Environmental Management Support for Business

Legislation compelling companies to operate effective environmental management is continuing to grow. For example, all printers have to ensure that their staff are adequately informed of the duties placed on them by environmental legislation. TPG-tc offers  qualified advisors who understand your business and the needs of the industry to conform to the ever-increasing government legislation on green credentials. We will provide concise information and advice to crystallise your environmental policy, develop sustainable environmental objectives, and implement positive actions.

Apart from legal requirements, sound environmental policies make good sense. Increasingly, customers, suppliers and employees expect businesses to be environmentally sound.

Environmental Management Support for BusinessA growing number of print buyers demand that their suppliers have accredited standards.

How we can help?

  • ISO14001
  • Management Support for Managers and Supervisors
  • Carbon Footprint – Measure, Reduce, Offset
  • Materials Waste Reduction
  • FSC
  • PEFC

TPG-tc’s environmental experts will provide all the support you need to implement the processes and practices necessary to reach one or more Environmental Standards. We will review your existing systems, then design and put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) tailored to your needs.
Our Environmental Management Support can help your business:

  • Comply with legislation
  • Institute best practice
  • Train and motivate your workforce
  • Support tendering
  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Contribute to environment improvement
  • Save money by minimising waste and energy consumption

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