Corporate and Social Responsibility

Where is your business going with regard to CSR?

Have you implemented systems to manage quality, the environment or safety? Perhaps you are benchmarking your business with others or measuring your greenhouse gas emissions?”

You should see CSR as part of a continuing process of building long-term value. Everything you do should help improve your reputation and encourage customers and other stakeholders to stay involved with you.

Effective CSR helps you to differentiate yourself. Even with dozens of competitors, a real commitment to CSR lets you stand out. Commitment to CSR feeds through into customer service, sales and profits. As well as affecting the way you behave, CSR can lead to new products and services that reflect your values and those of your stakeholders. Over time, it can all add up to a powerful brand – and a winning business.

Questions to ask; Your companys’ intent behind CSR, what’s driving it? and who is leading it? There are no wrong answers to these questions. The intent is to set the environment within which your efforts will be taking place.  The more aligned they are, the easier rolling out your CSR initiatives will be.

Some of the recognised benefits of investing in CSR are listed below:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Reputation
  • Ability to attract and retain workers or members, customers, clients or users
  • Maintenance of employees’ morale, commitment and productivity
  • View of investors, owners, donors, sponsors and the financial community
  • Relationship with companies, governments, the media, suppliers, peers, customers and the community in which it operates.

If you choose to explore CSR for your business please contact us. We can help you with your plans, identify gaps, provide guidance, support your activities, or just provide an extra pair of hands.

Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsibility

As guidance the standard covers the following key subjects as part of CSR under seven core subjects:

  1. Organisational governance
  2. Human rights, covering:
    • Due diligence
    • Human rights risk situations
    • Avoidance of complicity
    • Resolving grievances
    • Discrimination and vulnerable groups
    • Civil and political rights
    • Economic, social and cultural rights
    • Fundamental principles and rights at work

If you feel your business would like to find out more about CSR and the principles of; accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behaviour and respect for human rights, please contact us for further details.

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